You are our Priority in Wealth Creation …

Priority Invest is a professional boutique that helps our clients create wealth by investing in hand picked residential properties.

Ten years ago, the Directors of Priority Invest began helping people who wanted to become financially independent, retire early and free up their time to enjoy their lives far more—and for far longer.

The business was so successful that it has never had to advertise for clients. Instead, it expanded and grew by word-of-mouth alone.

Now, Priority Invest business partners, Robert Issell and Sumer Singh, have thrown open their doors to the general public because they believe that getting wealthy should not just be the exclusive legacy of wealthy families.

They believe that the secrets of creating wealth are for everyone and they have mapped out, tested, and refined a proven blueprint that will help almost everyone successfully create wealth.


Robert and Sumer want to see more people educated in a truly successful wealth-creation process and embark on a journey that will enrich their lives over the long term.

They do this because they know from their combined 72 years of investment experience that creating personal wealth is not really about accumulating money but is about getting back one of the most precious resources you have: your time.

Once you have reclaimed your time—something you will never get more of—you can focus your attention on what is really important to you.

For many, it’s building and maintaining relationships that matter. For some, it’s doing more of the things that make them happy. And for others, it’s simply being free of the daily grind so they can make more meaningful choices in their lives.

Our help along the way …

create wealth

Robert and Sumer’s highly-detailed, step-by-step blueprint not only walks you through the right process for creating wealth but also ensures they walk beside you on your journey to help you stay on track and reach your destination.

While many “wealth creation” programs are designed to make their creators wealthy—with the client being just another stepping stone in their strategy—Robert and Sumer focus exclusively on your goals, align completely with your needs and place you centrally in the wealth-creation process.

This exclusive focus on your needs is the key approach that separates Priority Invest from all other investment businesses—and is the reason for its outstanding success.

By making their clients their first and only priority and by putting them at the hub of all they do, Priority Invest has developed a highly ethical, value-added business for their clients that makes them want to come back.

Priority Invest not only has a philosophy that puts you at the centre of everything it does for you but also protects you by ensuring you remain independent of the various suppliers needed on your wealth-creation journey.

So Priority Invest has no lock-in contracts. It ensures that your suppliers work for you exclusively and not for lenders or other vested interests.

Robert and Sumer selectively hand-pick properties appropriate for you and your goals to better ensure your wealth creation is successful.

Those properties must meet their stringent, detailed criteria, which eliminates more than 76 per cent of the properties they research.

And they explain to you exactly why they have chosen the properties to match you with so you get to learn what is truly important in a successful wealth-creation strategy. That means you’re never in the dark and you never again need to feel you’re on your own.

Sumer ensures your financial situation is on a solid footing instead of draining resources that should be working for you.

He not only helps you plug the leaks in your finances that most people overlook but he also helps you improve your financial situation substantially by implementing his 3 key cutting edge ‘future-fund’ strategies.

Robert even sets you up with a complete, documented property management process to help you keep track of your growing wealth by smoothing out your journey and eliminating any potholes along the way.

Avoid the pain …

And, just as importantly, Robert and Sumer believe that, while you are creating wealth that will return your precious time to you so you can do what you really love, you shouldn’t have to suffer a lesser lifestyle.


Too many wealth-creation strategies assume that you have to give up what you enjoy now so you can get more enjoyment further down the track. It’s a very common yet mistaken belief that you must defer enjoying your life—give up to go up.


Yet, creating wealth should also include having an enjoyable lifestyle throughout your whole journey and not just when you reach your destination.

To continue building wealth for your future, contact Robert or Sumer today! You will find it refreshing to get the right help from widely-trusted people who put your needs first and are truly interested in your future.

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