Robert Issell

Robert grew up in country Victoria where his parents instilled many values, including being prepared to work hard and to do the job properly; especially caring about and helping other people.

Because of these values, while working hard to create wealth for his family, Robert has always contributed significantly back to the community in which he lived.

As well as being a qualified accountant, Robert has had real hands-on experience in business including insurance broking, lending, real estate and property development.

His father was a builder/carpenter and taught him about house construction from the foundations up, the old fashioned way.

Robert Issell

Robert Issell
My father always said, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” 

Robert also has a very positive attitude to life, always encouraging himself and others to excel and stretch. He believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and are prepared to have a go.

Being asked about his career in property Robert said, “I have always seen property as a very good and safe investment in which I have been able to make some significant gains. Some properties offer more immediate gains by renovation and others offer much more over a longer period of time as they increase in value. I find it exciting and I have always been able to see more potential in property than any other form of investment.”

‘There were no Property Investment Advisors back when I began my wealth-creation journey’, Robert said. ‘But I understood that, over time, property goes up in value and that most of the costs of ownership are generally covered by a tenant’s rent.’

Because of his property investing expertise, and with his accounting skills and knowledge of how to multiply money, Robert decided after moving to Canberra in 2007 to focus on helping other people create wealth through property investing as well.

I understood that, over time, property goes up in value. It is also important to select the right property so that the income is greater than the outgoings. 

Robert established Priority Invest in Canberra with Sumer Singh a retired financial planner and mortgage broker with whom he had worked with for more than 5 years.

‘With Priority Invest, we can now properly educate people on the importance of creating wealth for their future lifestyle and leave a family legacy’, Robert said, ‘because superannuation alone will generally not be enough.’

‘We only have so many years in our life and it’s good to see improvements and to be a part of those changes’, Robert said.

‘It’s what I do now, help people invest for the future. It’s about helping people change their life because we only get one go at it.’

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