Sumer Singh

Sumer Singh is a multiple award-winning accredited Mortgage Broker with Loan Market and a Wealth Coach with Priority Invest.

“Having a wealth coach is like having your own personal trainer,” Sumer said.

“We are there to get you into financial shape, be a mentor, and guide you through different strategies to help you build wealth. Along the way, you gain the tools and knowledge to map out your own financial future.”

Sumer understands the superannuation industry, share markets, what a good investment is—and what is not—how to manage money wisely, and how to make sure the banks and the tax office are not winning at your expense.

Sumer is motivated by his client’s journey and does not see a meeting with a client as a single transaction but part of an ongoing wealth creation strategy.

Sumer Singh

Sumer Singh

Because of his lifetime of experience, while talking with his clients, he can see the difference he can make to them and wants to help them plot their goals to their current situation.

“Delivering exceptional results brings advocates”, Sumer said, “and there are many people waving our flag. In the past 9 years in this industry, we’ve never had to advertise, no matter which way the economy was going. All our business has been through referral.

We attract really good clients through referrals and that make it hard not to care about them.

Sumer started off with a university attitude to planning that stopped him creating a canvas for his clients and that hindered his early success.

As a financial planner, he would create a 100-page report for wealth creation that clients would never read.

He was approached by people to try extraordinary things including derivatives and credit swaps. Although he was a high flyer for two-and-a-half years, he realised he was getting no satisfaction from what he was doing.

Sumer said, “I was in a darker place. I had lost my humanity.”

Then personal family illness taught Sumer about the real important life issues. Sumer would travel to Sydney week to week, a 12-hour return journey by car, and he sometimes had to travel back the same night. You have a lot to think on journeys like this.

There were times when he hadn’t slept for 48 hours and he was quickly becoming a robot.

“It was really tough”, Sumer said.

“It was during this time that I learned a very important lesson. It taught me how to react and deal with difficult situations, not reading a 100-page report.”

Sumer then set about keeping things focused and simplified the paperwork and developed a much more flexible application process.

“We did climb out of our personal tough times and I went on to build a great practice, met some terrific clients and made a lot of people wealthy as well.

“I also did exactly what I told my clients to do,” Sumer said.

“My clients all want the same thing: Freedom. There is always a reason why. It may be people with a drive, it may be to provide education and opportunities for their kids, it may be to have a free life for themselves. But it’s always freedom.”

“To be successful in this industry, you have to always be working for the client only and not what commission the bank is going to pay you.

The communication, the service, the care factor is vital.

My clients have to know that I care for them as much as they care for themselves.”

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