Are your finances in good shape.

Are your finances in good shape.

finances in shapeHow many of us will have a million dollars in assets to retire comfortably?

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) in their recent publication, The Future of Retirement Income, 2015 March edition, believe, among other things that Longevity risk means that without‘additional protection’ individuals may outlive their savingsThe ASFA also recommended that including growth assets in a retirement portfolio, “like equities and property should result in a retiree’s lump sum lasting longer.”[1]

Most Australians dream of having a great retirement and simply put faith in and rely on their Employers Contributions to help them in retirement. Unfortunately, it’s only when they are a few years out from retirement that they suddenly start questioning whether they will have enough to live comfortably or if they can retire as planned.

The longer we put off making decisions or think that it is all too hard, our window of opportunity is closing.

If you have dreamed of building a property portfolio and becoming financially independent, then engaging a professional mentor you could just be the ticket.

Engaging a Professional Mentor will give you peace of mind and support to achieve your objectives.

Think of a wealth coach as your own personal trainer.  They are there to get you into financial shape, be a mentor to you and guide you through the various strategies to help you build wealth.  Along the way, you will gain the tools and knowledge to map out your financial future.

A wealth coach can look at ways to:

  • Increase your income
  • Reduce your tax
  • Pay off your home loan as quickly as possible
  • Look at investment strategies
  • Plan for retirement

You can use a wealth coach as much or as little as you need. It is never too late to start building knowledge and ensuring your families future.

At PriorityInvest and Loan Market, you can engage with one of our professionals to help you build wealth for retirement. Our Directors each have over 30 years experience in helping people navigate the financial roadblocks that are holding families back. We’ve helped hundreds of families improve their cash flow and put them on the path to financial wellness. A little coaching can go a long way.

Our wealth coaches are able to meet with you at the Philip office or even make a time to visit you in your home.

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