Super Enough

Will your Super be enough to give you the retirement of your dreams? A question that many people ask but often too late. If you think not, then leveraging into a well selected property can be a great option. How to get started and what to invest in can often be a daunting situation. We are happy to work through all the steps and options with you. [embedyt][/embedyt] I have been in Phillip for 10 years helping people understand how to successfully invest in the right Properties. As the son of a builder and with my accounting background, I have been able to add value...

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Many people live in denial about retirement planning and bury their heads in the sand. Are you one of them? In the past 9 years, since I started working in the Property Investment Industry I have met so many people who just do not know what their exact financial position is. What's even more alarming is that they do not have any real specific financial goals or objectives. Only a small percentage of the population are focused on their financial health and consult with a professional. The rest just think life will take care of itself. They think that having a superfund and job is...

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