Julie Higgs

Property Investment Canberra

Julie Higgs works for Defence in Canberra. Back in 2010, she had two daughters living at home, which was almost paid off, and was doing all right financially.

But she was aware that she needed to plan more for her future and that her present income and superannuation wouldn’t be enough for the lifestyle she wanted when she retired.

She had never dealt with financial planners and had trouble trusting anyone she didn’t really know.

Then she met a financial coach, Sumer Singh, and learned how to control her own financial destiny. She said Sumer wouldn’t advise her to do anything unless he would do it for his own family.

She said Sumer wouldn’t advise her to do anything unless he would do it for his own family.

“Sumer is very loyal, genuine and honest,” said Julie. “If he wouldn’t do it for his kids, he wouldn’t do it for you.”

“He knows me very well and knows I’m savvy with my money. I put him through the hoops. I have never been this trusting before with our assets. I’ve never come across anyone like him”, she said.

The first time she talked with Sumer, she became aware that she needed to invest in more than one property and when she bought her first, she micro-managed the whole buying process.

“Now I have full trust and just sign the documents,” she said. “Sumer is genuine and has a genuine passion, to look after people’s financial health and set them up for their later life.”

Over the next six years, Sumer helped Julie invest in five properties, one of which she owns outright.

“Somehow or another, after we finish at Defence, we will have the lifestyle we want and a million dollar property in the location we desire”, she said.

When her daughter turned twenty-one, Julie was able to use the equity in her investments to help her buy her first investment property so she could secure her own future wealth.

Her daughter was able to buy a valuable property that was neutrally geared so it cost her nothing to own.

“Because of our portfolio, we are able to gift that to our children,” Julie said.

“I’ve also referred seven other people to Sumer and all seven have bought investment properties following his guidance.

“We are at the end of our careers; five years until retiring age. This is probably our last property and we will work with Sumer to work out how best to make the wealth work for our end goal.

“The difference now is that we have incomes for life, regardless of what might happen to pensions now or in the future. It gives us options. We can help our kids out. Not many kids at twenty-one can afford a property.”

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