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“Even with compulsory superannuation, many
Australians will be living below the poverty line in retirement.
Don’t plan to be one of them!”

You deserve to retire with sufficient wealth to at least maintain your current
lifestyle and, ideally, live an enhanced lifestyle...
and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your current lifestyle to achieve this goal.

To celebrate 7 years of successfully helping people create real wealth, Priority Invest is donating face time with award-winning Wealth Coach, Sumer Sing, to help you develop your own wealth-creation plan.

Your meeting with Sumer will focus exclusively on your needs and will place you centrally in the wealth-creation process. This approach is the key that separates Priority Invest from investment advisers—and is the reason for its outstanding success over the past 7 years.

Because Priority Invest is a select, boutique business, there is a limit to how many face-to-face meetings that Sumer can take.

So book your meeting now to develop your own personal wealth-creation plan!

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With Sumer’s help, we went from no investment to 6 investment properties.

I wouldn’t be where I am now without Sumer’s investment advice and guidance.

I trust Sumer with my life and my money.

Christopher Lee, Medical Director, Cosmos Clinic Canberra

I had a money-in-the-bank mindset. I am the kind of guy that is very conservative and not used to taking risks.

Sumer and his whole team made it easy for us. He has a calmness about him - never pushy, and always listening. Now we feel that we are on the right track.

We will have a comfortable retirement and our children won’t have to struggle paying off a home loan like we did.

Dr Harvinder Sidhu, University Lecturer