Living in denial

denialMany people live in denial about retirement planning and bury their heads in the sand.

Are you one of them?

In the past 9 years, since I started working in the Property Investment Industry I have met so many people who just do not know what their exact financial position is.

What’s even more alarming is that they do not have any real specific financial goals or objectives.

Only a small percentage of the population are focused on their financial health and consult with a professional. The rest just think life will take care of itself.

They think that having a superfund and job is enough and that when retirement comes they will have enough to live on.

This is so far from the truth.

That is why I say that many people live in denial and have their heads buried in the sand. 

The truth is that many people have a big problem but they do not know it yet.

Why do so many people live in denial about their financial future and bury their heads in the sand?

There is a big problem coming for so many baby boomers. Anyone born in the period 1946 to 1964 will turn 65 from 2011 to 2029. We are now at 2016. So the next 13 years we will see millions of Australians with a lot less income than they are currently living on.  The shock wave of depression is coming to so many who thought they would be ok but the truth is they will not.

Many will be trying to live on just 20% to 40% of their pre-retirement salaries and they don’t realize it yet or they don’t wish to acknowledge the problem they are really facing.

There simply will not be enough money.

But what can they do?

At least talk to someone and consider what options are available. I am happy to share the cold hard truth because there is no value living in denial.

Let’s lay the cards on the table and see what changes have to be made. What adjustments have to be considered and what options for income and wealth creation are still available.

The good news is that I have many retired property investors because they know that owning property into retirement years will not only provide ongoing income, indexed for life but also the assets that grow in value over time and at least keep up with inflation.

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