When should you start to Create Wealth?

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When should you start to Create Wealth?

Where does your time go, and how can you reclaim it?

Our time goes whether we use it wisely or not. It passes while we do things and while we do nothing. Some of the things we do, like eating and sleeping, are necessities and we must do them. Other things, like working, are not… or, at least, much of the time we loose in working is not.

That’s because we fail to understand just how wealth is created and so how to reclaim our time.

A great part of your day—and therefore your life—is spent in working. That’s very common and everyone does it, don’t they? Otherwise, how do you get paid so you can pay for the things you want and need during your lifetime. Well, not everyone does it. Not everyone works to get paid.

Those who have accumulated wealth know that there is a far better way than working to get paid.

You see, working as an employee means you are trading your time for their money. That’s what you are paid for. Yes, you have certain skills that your employer needs, but applying those skills costs you, your time. While your employer may be buying your skill, you are actually selling your time. And that’s what wealthy people understand. So wealthy people do that as little as possible and then only on things that multiply their wealth and further free up their time.

What wealthy people do is put their money to work for them.

That way, they’re not trading their time for money. They’re reclaiming the time they would have spent working but are still getting an income because their money is working and earning for them.

Yes, you have to start somewhere.

Unless you inherit wealth, you have to accumulate some money to get to a stage where you can put it to work for you. But that’s a lot easier than most people imagine. In fact, many people can start right away to get their money working for them. They just don’t understand how.

“Not everyone works to get paid. Those who have accumulated wealth know that there is a far better way than working to get paid.”

What you must know to successfully invest in property so you can retire early!

So you don’t have to spend your entire life working, trading your time for money, and eking out a subsistence living in retirement when there is a much better way and when the country you live in actively supports it—even though it’s not particularly well promoted (you weren’t taught this in school, were you?).

It’s for those reasons that we started Priority Invest and mapped out, tested, and refined a proven blueprint that can help almost everyone create wealth successfully.

When should you begin to create wealth?

“Truly enduring wealth is created over time, not overnight.” The correct answer is, “When you were born, or preferably before”. The practical answer is, “Now”.

Because of the power of compounding and leverage, the more time you have on your side the more wealth you can create. More, not because of greed, but because you are going to need it to at least maintain your current lifestyle.

There are an alarming number of reports being released revealing that Australians have such an inadequate level of savings that, even with compulsory superannuation, many will be living below the poverty line in retirement.

The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics released a working paper detailing findings of research on the adequacy of retirement savings.

The report’s authors said, “… compulsory retirement savings, even when supplemented by the means-tested government pension and private wealth accumulation, are not in general sufficient to fund a comfortable lifestyle during retirement.”

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